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Meet Dreame’s Newest Hard Floor Cleaners: Trouver K10 and K10 Pro

Dreame expands its portfolio with the new Trouver K10 and K10 Pro, designed to enhance hard floor cleaning with a combination of vacuuming and washing capabilities. Engineered for efficiency, both models feature a high-speed motor that delivers up to 15kPa of suction, suitable for various dirt types and conditions.

dreame Trouver K10 Wet and Dry Hard Floor Cleaner

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Cleaning

Both the Trouver models boast powerful suction capabilities, featuring a motor that runs at 120,000 RPM and delivers up to 15kPa of suction power. This power is enhanced by the smart dirt detection technology found in the K10 Pro, which intelligently adjusts power and suction based on the type of dirt encountered.

Dreame Trouver K10 Hard Floor Cleaner

Dreame Trouver K10

Dreame Trouver K10 Pro Hard Floor Cleaner

Dreame Trouver K10 Pro

Smart Dirt Detection

Designed for Ease and Efficiency

Weighing just 8.38lbs, the Trouver series is built for ease of use, with a design that facilitates maneuverability and reduces physical strain during cleaning tasks. The advanced forward propulsion system aids in reaching every corner effortlessly.

Dreame Trouver K10 Lightweight

Specialized Features for Precision Cleaning

Both models include a twin scraper system; the front scraper manages hair tangles and dirt, while the rear rubber scraper minimizes water residue on hard floors. The devices further specialize with a design that reaches up to 6mm into edges and corners.

Interactive and Convenient Cleaning Experience

Both models have an LED display that provides real-time feedback on cleaning status and battery life, along with voice prompts for intuitive use. A notable feature is their self-cleaning system for the roller brush, which simplifies maintenance, ensuring the device is ready for its next use quickly.

Dreame Trouver K10 Self Cleaning

Long Runtime and Large Capacity

The Trouver K10 series features one of the larger clean water tanks of the industry, at 890 ml, which reduces the need for refills, making the cleaning process smoother and more continuous. The K10 Pro also offers a prolonged battery lifespan to accommodate extensive cleaning sessions without frequent recharges.

Dreame’s Trouver K10 series represents a practical solution for households seeking a combination of power, precision, and convenience in their floor cleaning regimen. If Vacuum Wars reviews these the Dreame Trouver line, we will make our findings available on the Hard Floor Cleaners area of this website.

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