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Samsung Announces Bespoke Jet™ AI Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Building upon the success of the brand’s popular Bespoke Jet cordless stick vacuum, Samsung has announced its successor, the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ AI. The Bespoke Jet™ AI delivers up to 280W of suction and, like its predecessor, ships with a self-emptying All-in-One Clean Station.

UPDATED: The Bespoke Jet AI Cordless is now available at Amazon.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Promotional Video

View the Bespoke Jet AI

About the Bespoke Jet™ AI Cordless Stick Vacuum

The new vacuum line will include 250W and 280W models. At the time of release, two colors will be available: Satin Black and Stain Griege. A Samsung press release provided the following specifications:

  • 280W of suction power comes by way of a powerful HexaJet Motor, Samsung’s most powerful vacuum motor.
  • Compared with the original Bespoke Jet, the Bespoke Jet™ AI’s suction power is 25% higher.
  • A new battery offers up to 100 minutes of runtime before needing to recharge.
  • The 4,500mAh battery has 80% more capacity than the original Bespoke Jet and has been optimized to retail 70% of its performance for up to 500 charging cycles.
  • Two new brushes, the Active Dual Brush, for all floor types, and Slim LED Brush+, feature LED lighting for better visibility when cleaning in dark areas.
  • An Accessory Cradle is included for accessory storage and mobility.
Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Cordless Stick Vacuum - Colors
Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless stick vacuums in Satin Black (left) and Satin Griege (Right).

In a press release, Samsung states that the Active Dual Brush employs “LED lighting to highlight dust in dark spots.” The new vacuum and integrated Clean Station retain Samsung’s built-to-be-seen philosophy. 

Samsung Electronics’ Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Team of Digital Appliances was quotes as saying “with the Bespoke Jet™ AI, Samsung is delivering an intelligent cordless stick vacuum that empowers users to undertake their lifestyles in premium fashion.” 

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI in home

Samsung AI Optimum Tech AI Cleaning Mode

The Bespoke Jet™ AI leverages Samsung’s AI Optim Tech in a feature called AI Cleaning Mode. When active, the Bespoke Jet™ AI determines floor type automatically by way of a suction motion controller and air pressure sensors. Using this information, both suction and brushroll speed are optimized automatically.

The new AI Cleaning Mode boasts a reduction of battery consumption by up to 14% when the Active Dual Brush is in use and 21% with the Slim LED Brush+. Samsung notes that this is the first cordless vacuum “to feature an AI verification from UL Solutions.”

Cleaning with the New Samsung Bespoke Jet AI

Upgraded Clean Station

The Clean Station has also been improved over the previous generation. The new Clean Station’s full list of features includes:

  • Automatic emptying of the Bespoke Jet™ AI’s dustbin and closing the dustbin’s cover after each disposal.
  • More powerful dust management with a 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System for trapping fine dust.
  • Better hair extraction from the vacuum’s dustbin with a hair removal rate of 99%.

SmartThings and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Two new smart features of the Bespoke Jet™ AI are SmartThing integration and Wi-Fi connectivity. The connected experience is said to “let users customize their vacuum and its functions while maintaining peak performance through the smart self-diagnosis function.”

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