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Tineco’s FLOOR ONE S7 Steam: A New Era of Floor Cleaning

Tineco Introduces the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Cordless Floor Washer

January 10, 2024

Tineco has recently launched their new FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Cordless Floor Washer All-in-One, Steam Mop to Amazon. This device combines the functions of vacuuming, mopping, and steam cleaning into one tool, designed for use on hard floors.

Dual Action Cleaning

The main feature of the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam is its ability to clean and steam floors at the same time. This dual-action is intended to reduce the overall time spent on cleaning tasks. The steam function is particularly focused on addressing tough stains and messes, including those brought from outside, aiming to provide a thorough clean and maintain floor hygiene.

A key component of this product is its 284° F HyperSteam Technology. This feature uses high-temperature steam to tackle grease and stains, while a soft roller simultaneously cleans the floor with fresh water. The device offers two steam modes, designed to deal with various stain types, and is advertised as being especially effective for cleaning up after pets in a manner that’s safe for families.

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam at home
Tineco Floor One S7 Steam at home

FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Self Cleaning Brushes and Station

The S7 Steam incorporates a Continuous Clean-Brush Washing with MHCBS System. This system is designed to continuously clean its brushes by recycling dirty water and using fresh water at a consistent rate of 450 RPMs. The aim is to consistently clean with uncontaminated water.

Another feature of the S7 Steam is its multi-step self-cleaning system. This system uses fresh water and steam to clean the brush roller and tubing, followed by a centrifugal drying process that removes water to prevent the possibility of recontaminating cleaned surfaces.

FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Cordless Ease

In terms of design, the S7 Steam is cordless and lightweight, with a self-propelling mechanism. This design is intended to offer ease of use and flexibility, allowing users to clean without the limitations of a power cord and with reduced physical exertion.


Overall, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam Cordless Floor Washer All-in-One, Steam Mop represents Tineco’s effort to provide a multifunctional cleaning tool for home use. Its combination of vacuuming, mopping, and steam cleaning in a single device is aimed at simplifying the cleaning process. 

The Tineco S7 Steam is available now, and if Vacuum Wars reviews this product we will make our findings available on the Vacuum Wars website.

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