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Tineco’s Latest: Floor One S6 Extreme Pro Wet Dry Vacuum

Tineco has recently launched the Floor One S6 Extreme Pro wet dry vacuum, a device that merges the functionality of a mop and a vacuum into one. This launch introduces a solution aimed at simplifying the cleaning process, equipped with features that adjust to the floor’s condition in real-time.

A Smart Wet Dry Vacuum

The Floor One S6 Extreme Pro is designed to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution. This smart floor washer can vacuum and mop simultaneously, addressing the need for a single device to perform multiple cleaning tasks. The device includes a variety of sensors that automatically adjust its settings based on the cleanliness of the floor to optimize the cleaning process and extend battery life.

Tineco Floor One S6 Extreme Pro Smart Screen
Tineco Floor One S6 Extreme Pro Smart Screen

Key Features

This smart wet dry vacuum comes with several notable features:

  • Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping capabilities
  • Suitable for a range of hard floor types, including hardwood, tile, and vinyl
  • iLoop Smart Sensor Technology for real-time adjustment of suction, roller speed, and water flow
  • Edge to edge cleaning with a specially designed brush head
  • Moreover, the device is equipped with a mode that purportedly kills 99% of germs using water, and a suction-only mode for quick pickups.

User Interface and Maintenance

The smart wet dry vacuum features a full-color LCD screen that provides feedback on cleaning progress and battery life. It also offers maintenance reminders and other tips for optimizing the use of the device. For maintenance, the Floor One S6 Extreme Pro has a self-cleaning function that automatically cleans the brush roller and the inner tubing, aimed at reducing manual cleaning efforts.

Tineco Floor One S6 Extreme Pro at home
Tineco Floor One S6 Extreme Pro at home

Accessories and Specifications

Included with the Floor One S6 Extreme Pro are:

  • Three microfiber brush rollers
  • Two dry filters
  • One bottle of cleaning solution
  • A charging dock

Specifications highlight:

  • A cleaning path width of 10.1 inches
  • Wet/dry vacuum functionality
  • A bin capacity of 0.21 gallons
  • Weighs 9.92 pounds
  • Cordless design with a 35-minute maximum runtime


The introduction of the Floor One S6 Extreme Pro smart floor washer to the market represents Tineco’s latest effort to provide a multifunctional cleaning device. This product incorporates various features aimed at enhancing the cleaning experience through technology. The emphasis on smart sensor technology and automatic adjustments suggests a move towards more intuitive home appliances.

The Floor One S6 Extreme Pro smart floor washer is available now at Best Buy.

Update February 13, 2024: The Tineco Floor One S6, which appears similar to the Floor One S6 Extreme Pro is now available on Amazon.

If Vacuum Wars reviews this product, we will make our findings available with the floorwasher reviews area on this website.

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