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Roborock Q Revo and QX Revo Robot Vacuums – Is One a Better Deal?

The Roborock QX Revo robot vacuum, previously an exclusive offering through Costco, has now made its debut on Amazon, joining its counterpart, the Roborock Q Revo.  We were interested to find out what the differences are between the two and if one was a better deal than the other, so we took a look.

Are These the Same Robot Vacuums?

From our evaluation, it appears that the Roborock QX Revo and Q Revo share the advanced features designed to streamline cleaning tasks and enhance user convenience. Both models boast a multifunctional dock, dual spinning mops, auto mop lifting, powerful suction, and sophisticated navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities. They also offer robust app and voice control options, making them a fit for the modern, connected home.

Distinguishing the QX Revo

While the core functionalities of the QX Revo and Q Revo appear to be identical, the QX Revo differentiates itself with additional accessories in the box – specifically, an extra washable filter and more mop cloths. This slight variation hints at enhanced maintenance capabilities and longer intervals between accessory replacements for the QX Revo.

Roborock QX Revo

Roborock QX Revo Robot Vacuum

Roborock Q Revo

Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum

Making an Informed Choice

For potential buyers, the choice between the Roborock QX Revo and Q Revo Robot Vacuums may come down to product availability, personal preference, or even point-of-purchase convenience, given the similarity of the two products. The subtle differences between the two models underscore Roborock’s commitment to offering various options to meet diverse consumer preferences and buying patterns.

For more product details, see our Roborock Q Revo review.

Docked on the Multifunctional Dock - Roborock Q Revo
Docked on the Multifunctional Dock – Roborock Q Revo
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