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The Best Vacuums For Pet Hair, Tested and Reviewed

When selecting the perfect vacuum for pet hair, it’s essential to focus on critical features such as hair detangling technology at the brush roll, robust suction power, superior filtration efficiency, and specialized attachments. We have carefully chosen these top-performing vacuums, equipped with these attributes and more, to ensure that both you and your pet can enjoy a fresher, cleaner home.

Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Shark Vertex Pro

DetangLEs Hair
Great Debris Pickup
HEPA Filtration
Feature Rich

For those who prefer the convenience of cordless vacuums, the Shark Vertex Pro stands out. This model combines impressive suction power with a hassle-free cordless design, making it easy to navigate around your home and target pet hair and allergens on various surfaces.

  • Exceptional Debris and Hair Pickup: Features Shark’s DuoClean technology with a dual brush roll for effective pickup across all floor types, excelling in pet hair removal.
  • Anti-Hair Wrap Technology: Incorporates a mechanism that actively removes hair tangles from the brush roll, crucial for pet-filled homes.
  • Efficient on All Floors: Scores perfectly in carpet deep clean tests and performs excellently on hard floors, effectively removing pet hair and dander.
  • HEPA Filtration System: Includes a complete seal HEPA anti-allergen system to trap dander and allergens, maintaining clean air quality.
  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with LED lights, responsive swivel steering, a multiflex wand for easy reach, and compact storage capability, enhancing convenience.

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Dyson V12 Detect Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V12 Detect Slim

DetangLEs Hair
Great Debris Pickup
HEPA Filtration
Feature Rich

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim provides a robust cleaning solution that blends the best of Dyson’s technologies in a compact, effective package, perfect for managing pet hair and maintaining a clean home.

  • Versatile Cleaning Heads: The V12 comes with a combo head for carpets and a soft roller for hard floors, equipped with a laser to highlight dust, ensuring no spot is missed.
  • Particle Detection and Auto-adjusting Suction: Features a built-in sensor that adjusts suction automatically, optimizing battery life while ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • Advanced Anti-Hair Wrap Technology: Both the soft and combo cleaner heads resist tangles, making it ideal for homes with human and pet hair.
  • Whole-Machine HEPA Filtration: Captures allergens as small as 0.3 microns, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.
  • Handheld Maneuverability: Lightweight design enhances usability with attachments, improving the cleaning experience across different surfaces.
  • Long Battery Life: Offers up to an hour of cleaning on a single charge, confirmed by real-time battery life readouts.

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Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Robot Vacuum

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra 

Great Hair & Debris Pickup
ADvanced Mopping
Obstacle Avoidance
Hygenic Maintenance

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra’s combination of efficient pet hair pickup, advanced mopping technology, and smart navigation makes it a top choice for pet owners looking for a sophisticated, low-maintenance cleaning solution.

  • Dual Brush Roll Design: Features a new dual brush system that excels in picking up pet hair from various surfaces without tangling, ensuring thorough cleanup.
  • Enhanced Suction and Debris Pickup: While it performs well on hard floors, its capability to lift pet hair and larger debris from carpets makes it highly effective for pet owners.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with sophisticated sensors, the S8 Pro Ultra is adept at navigating around pet toys and other small objects, minimizing disruptions during cleaning cycles.
  • Advanced Mopping System: The S8 Pro Ultra avoids mopping carpets while cleaning hard floors, a significant advantage for homes with both surfaces. Its mop automatically lifts when carpet is detected, ensuring no dampness on your rugs.
  • Hygienic Maintenance Features: The Ultra Dock not only empties the dustbin but also washes and dries the mop pad, reducing the chances of odor and bacteria growth from wet cleaning cloths.

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eufy L60 Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station

eufy L60 with Self-Empty Station

Self-Cleaning Brushroll
Zone Cleaning
LiDar Navigation
Deep Cleaning

The Eufy L60 with Self Empty Station is a standout budget robot vacuum with impressive performance and exceptional value. It has quickly proven to be a game-changer for homes with pets and here is why:

  • Powerful Debris Pickup: Excels on both hard floors and carpets, using a floating main brush and side brush that effectively captures fine to large debris, including pet hair.
  • Auto Empty Bin with Hair Detangling: Features a unique auto-empty system that not only discards the dustbin contents into a disposable bag but also includes a built-in hair detangling system to remove and collect hair from the brush.
  • Advanced Navigation: Utilizes lidar technology for efficient and accurate mapping, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage even in homes with pets, scattered toys, and furniture.
  • BoostIQ Technology: Automatically increases suction power when transitioning to carpets, optimizing cleaning effectiveness and battery usage.
  • Impressive Deep Clean Capability: Ranked in our top 10 for carpet deep cleaning among numerous tested models, making it highly effective at removing deeply embedded pet hair and debris.

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Best Upright Vacuums for Pet Hair

Shark Stratos

Excellent Debris Pickup
Active Hair Removal
HEPA Filtration
Feature Rich

The Shark Stratos Powered Lift-Away stands out as an exceptional vacuum for pet owners, boasting strong suction and a suite of features like active hair removal technology, DuoClean tech, Shark’s Complete Seal with a HEPA filter, and more:

  • DuoClean Technology: Excellent debris pickup on both carpets and hard floors due to its combination of a soft roller with traditional brush roll to make a highly effective seal on the floor.
  • Exceptional Suction Power: It’s at the top of our list for strong suction power.
  • Active Hair Removal: Prevents tangles on the brush roll from short to long pet or human hair.
  • Advanced Filtration System: Equipped with Shark’s Complete Seal technology and a HEPA filter, capturing 99.9% of allergens.
  • Versatility and Ease of Cleaning: The powered Lift-Away feature, hose and attachments allow for easy cleaning on and under furniture and in hard-to-reach areas where pet hair collects.

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Dyson Ball Animal 3 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal 3

Active Hair Removal
Powerful Debris Pickup
HEPA Filtration
PRactical Attachments

The Dyson Ball Animal 3 is ideal for pet owners, featuring several upgrades that enhance its efficiency and have made it a fan favorite for pet owners:

  • Active Hair Removal System: Upgraded system reduces hair tangles, significantly improving performance over previous models.
  • Powerful Suction: Excels in lifting pet hair from carpets and upholstery, with a perfect score in our carpet deep clean test.
  • Superior Filtration System: Features whole-machine HEPA filtration effective at capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, trapping pet dander and other allergens.
  • Practical Attachments: Comes with essential tools like a crevice tool/dusting brush and a stair tool, plus a longer 35-foot cord for extended reach without unplugging.

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Features to Look For

When selecting the best vacuum for pet hair, consider key features that enhance cleaning efficiency and user experience.

Hair Detangling Technology

A vacuum equipped with hair detangling technology offers several advantages:

  • Hair tangles can impede the brush roll’s functionality, reducing the vacuum’s effectiveness in picking up debris.
  • Tangles can also create resistance in the floorhead, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on the vacuum.
  • Hair detangling technology automates the maintenance of clearing the brush roll, reducing the effort required from you and ensuring optimal performance.

Quality Filtration

For pet owners, HEPA filtration and sealed systems in vacuum cleaners are essential for maintaining a healthy living environment. These features capture up to 99.97% of tiny particles, including pet dander, hair, and allergens, as small as 0.3 microns. By preventing these irritants from being recirculated into the air, vacuums with these technologies help reduce allergies and keep your home cleaner and fresher.

Powerful Vacuums

For pet owners, the power of a vacuum cleaner is critical in managing pet hair and dander effectively. A high-powered vacuum ensures deep cleaning by extracting pet hair embedded in carpets and upholstery and minimizing allergens in the home. Powerful suction also aids in the thorough removal of dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas, maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment for both pets and their owners.

Game-Changing Features

For pet owners, a vacuum cleaner with great features can significantly ease the challenge of maintaining a clean home. Features such as specialized pet tools, adjustable suction settings, and swivel steering enhance the vacuum’s ability to navigate around furniture and tackle pet hair on various surfaces efficiently. This can also include robot vacuums with mopping capabilities and self-emptying bins. These enhancements not only streamline the cleaning process but also ensure a more thorough removal of pet hair and allergens, contributing to a healthier living environment for both pets and their families.

Sill looking for the best vacuum for pet hair for you?

We encourage you to explore our comprehensive reviews for each model mentioned above. Armed with our insights, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the best vacuum for pet hair for your home. Remember, the right vacuum can make cleaning less of a chore and more of a triumph over pet hair and debris.

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