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Dreame L20 Ultra Review: Raising the Bar for Robot Vacuums

The Dreame L20 Ultra is the flagship robot vacuum-mop combo from Dreame that earned the Best Robot Vacuum of 2023 title in our annual competition. In this review we will show you how it performed in our evaluations and we will take a deeper look into the features that set the Dreame L20 Ultra both apart and ahead of its competitors!

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Vacuuming Performance

The Dreame L20 Ultra shines in its primary role of vacuuming, handling a variety of debris types and sizes on both hard floors and carpets with remarkable efficiency. It features a single side brush and a floating brush housing designed to prevent tangles, making it exceptionally good at sweeping hard floors without blowing around pet hair—a common issue with many vacuums.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum vacuuming debris on carpet and hard floors
Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum vacuuming debris on carpet and hard floors. © Vacuum Wars

Advanced Mopping Technology

The Dream L20 Ultra showcases some of the most advanced mopping capabilities we’ve seen in a robot vacuum. It employs two spinning mop pads that not only clean but also apply downward pressure, ensuring a more thorough scrub. This feature is particularly beneficial for tackling stubborn stains on hard floors. The mop pads rotate at high speeds, effectively loosening and lifting dirt and grime that other robots might leave behind.

Dreame L20 Ultra Duo Scrub Mopping
Dreame L20 Ultra Duo Scrub Mopping

In our Mopping Tests, the Dream L20 Ultra performed exceptionally well. We subjected it to a variety of common household stains, including dried grape juice and coffee stains. The robot handled these tough stains with ease, something that many other robot mops struggle with. Its ability to mop up these dried, sticky substances was impressive, leaving the floors spotless. Additionally, in our glow-in-the-dark test, where we used a UV light to reveal any residual marks, the L20 Ultra showed minimal traces of missed spots, highlighting its comprehensive cleaning ability.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum mopping.
Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum mopping in our various evaluations. © Vacuum Wars

One of the most innovative features of the L20 Ultra is its Mop Extend technology. This system allows an arm on one of the mop pads to extend during edge cleaning runs, ensuring better coverage of areas near walls and baseboards. This is a unique solution to a common problem with robot mops, which often miss the edges and corners. In our testing, this feature proved to be highly effective, as it cleaned these tricky areas much more thoroughly than other robots.

Dreame L20 Ultra Mop Extend
Dreame L20 Ultra Mop Extend Technology

Another significant advantage of the Dream L20 Ultra is its ability to lift its mop pads when it senses carpets. This feature is a game-changer for homes with mixed flooring, as it prevents the wet mop pads from touching and potentially damaging carpets. In our tests, we found this feature to be highly reliable. The robot seamlessly transitioned from hard floors to carpets, lifting the mop pads high enough to avoid contact. Additionally, the option to leave the mop pads at the base station when vacuuming carpets adds an extra layer of convenience and assurance.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum transitioning from hard floor to carpet.
Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum transitioning from hard floor to carpet. © Vacuum Wars

Smart Base Station

The Dreame L20 Ultra’s base station automates several maintenance tasks. It not only charges the robot but also empties its dustbin into a large 3.2 L bag, which can handle heavy use for up to 75 days. The station cleans the mop pads, refills the robot’s water tank, and even dries the mop pads with warm air, ensuring everything is ready for the next run.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum in our studio at its base station at our studio.
Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum at its base station at our studio. © Vacuum Wars

Equipped with LiDAR, the Dreame L20 Ultra quickly maps out floor plans and navigates efficiently. Its front-mounted obstacle avoidance system utilizes AI and 3D structured light, among other technologies, to adeptly avoid obstacles, performing better than many of its premium competitors in our tests.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum Navigation Tests
Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum navigation tests. © Vacuum Wars

App Integration and Extras

The Dreame L20 Ultra boasts an extensive range of app features, including carpet boost, fast charging, and remote video monitoring. Users can set virtual walls, select specific rooms for cleaning, and adjust the water level and bin behaviors. Advanced scheduling and multi-floor mapping are also supported, making it a highly customizable device.

Dreame L20 Ultra App
All kinds of views of the Dreame L20 Ultra app from our smartphone. © Vacuum Wars


While the Dreame L20 Ultra offers many impressive features, there are a few considerations. It is one of the more expensive models on the market, and its newness means there aren’t many consumer reviews available yet.

Additionally, some of our power performance tests showed that while its suction is powerful, it performed average in the Crevice Pickup Test and Carpet Deep Clean Test.

Dreame L20 Ultra Robot Vacuum Crevice Pick up Test
In our crevice pickup test, the Dreame L20 Ultra gave an average performance. © Vacuum Wars


The Dreame L20 Ultra is an outstanding robot vacuum that offers excellent performance across a wide range of features. It combines powerful suction and innovative mopping abilities with advanced navigation and comprehensive app control. Despite its higher price and relatively few reviews, its array of game-changing features and efficiency make it a top choice in today’s market.


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